SurchX Receives Rising Star and Premium Usability Awards

Posted on June 12, 2019 at 08:40 AM

Rising star and premium usability awards

We are ecstatic to announce that Finances Online, a B2B software discovery and comparison platform has reviewed SurchX and presented our company with the Rising Star 2019 and Premium Usability awards.

They’ve also given SurchX a rating of 8.0 out of 10. While we would have preferred a 10, we’re grateful they took the time to thoroughly review us.

Here’s what FinancesOnline had to say about SurchX:

Recover Losses

SurchX presents merchants and retailers with a secure and legal way to recover their losses due to credit card processing fees. As many customers purchase products and pay for services using credit cards instead of cash, merchants have to shoulder the costs of credit card processing fees, which represents 30% of their annual profit.

With SurchX, you are able to pass on processing fees to your customers and recoup your losses. That means more profit for your business.

Completely Legal

Surcharging your customers is legal, although the amount you can pass on to your customers varies based on location, prevailing policies, and laws. SurchX is compliant with over 60 regulatory bodies and does all the calculating and charging.

The software automatically identifies the credit card of the buyer and the processing fees and instantly scours its database for policies and laws that apply to the said transaction. Based on its findings, SurchX then passes on the processing fee to the customer, the amount depending on what the law allows. You never have to worry about breaking any law with SurchX.

Consumers are okay with it

According to research, the vast majority of customers don’t mind paying the credit card processing fee whenever they transact using their credit cards. That means you don’t have to worry about losing customers if you start surcharging them.


We at SurchX are delighted to receive the Rising Star Award, and the Premium Usability Award from FinancesOnline. Since SurchX was released to the market mid 2018, this is a testimony to our company’s quick market acceptance and FinanceOnline’s comments on our usability.

What we’d really love is for our users to review us, so if you get a minute, tell us on social media what you think about SurchX.

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