Magento Commerce 1 and Commerce 2 Marketplace Extension Description:

SurchX for Magento offers you the ability to pass credit card processing fees to your customers while staying in full regulatory compliance with US laws. This is called surcharging. On average, surcharging can increase your net margin by 30% or greater. There is generally no out-of-pocket expense to activate and use the SurchX for Magento extension.


  • Recover the fees you pay to process credit cards (surcharge)
  • Surcharge while remaining in full compliance with all US laws
  • Activate and deactivate the extension quickly and easily
  • Includes a test mode for testing card transactions prior to activation
  • Integrates seamlessly with Magento Commerce 1 and 2


How it works:

The extension embeds a line item in the Magento shopping cart at checkout labeled “Transaction Fee.” When a customer uses a payment method, like a credit card, that results in a processing fee, the extension references the first eight digits of the card number entered and the zip code of the billing address entered and with this information queries the SurchX dataset through an API call. Armed with the percentage rate of the card, the extension calculates the processing fee for a customer’s order and places that amount under Transaction Fee in the cart.


What are the laws?

By law, a merchant is allowed to recover up to 4% of a credit card processing fee by surcharging a customer. The percentage is higher for high-risk merchants.

There are more than 60 regulatory bodies governing surcharging in the United States and the laws are continuing to evolve. SurchX guarantees compliance with all state and federal laws to ensure that merchants who choose to surcharge can do so safely and easily.


How does SurchX get paid?

SurchX will include up to one half of one percent to the total transaction fee where allowable up to 4 percent–higher for high-risk merchants. For example, if a credit card being used is 3.5%, SurchX will include our .5% service fee. If a card being used is 3.8%, SurchX will include .2% for a total of 4%. If the card entered is 4%, no fee will be included.

SurchX reconciles with the merchant at the end of the billing cycle to receive the service fees collected. The merchant is responsible for paying the credit card processing fees using the collected funds. By law, a merchant is not allowed to profit from surcharging and any discrepancy will be reconciled by SurchX on the invoice to keep the merchant fully compliant.


Can the customer opt out?

If the customer enters a card that does not incur a processing fee, or if the customer is located in a state that doesn’t allow surcharging by law, the extension enters a $0 transaction fee. That’s how SurchX keeps you compliant.

A Transaction Fee disclosure can be included that indicates what a transaction fee is, why it is being incurred, and can also suggest that by switching to a free payment method such as a debit card, or ACH, the fee can be avoided. SurchX also maintains a non-profit website to further educate consumers and provides answers to common questions. The website is located at and can also be included in the disclosure if desired.

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