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Surcharging Guide
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New to Surcharging? The guide answers many common questions.

Will I lose customers? How much can I make? How does SurchX make money? What data do you have about conversion rates?


Stay 100% Compliant with all US Credit Card Rules And Regulations.

There is no need for you to monitor the 60+ rules & regulations of surcharging, we do it for you.


How Do I Get Started! Well, we thought you would never ask.

We enable merchants to start surcharging with zero start-up costs & no out-of-pocket expenses!

SurchX, The Leader In Surcharging!

From the founder of LifeLock - the company that millions of people trust to protect themselves from identity theft - comes SurchX!

SurchX helps you keep more money in your business by passing credit card transaction fees on to your consumers, this is called 'Surcharging'.

SurchX is not a merchant processor, it is a Free & Simple integration with your existing eCommerce cart software that keeps you 100% compliant with all 60+ surcharging rules and regulations.


How do we offer it for free?


We add up to .5% to the transaction, if allowed. Your customer pays that. It is collected with the surcharge.

Some customers will use credit cards that cost you more than the 4% limit you can legally collect as a surcharge, when that happens, we don't charge you anything. Not one penny.

With Surcharging you can increase your net profits up to 30%

What's Covered in The Surcharging Guide

In this Surcharging Guide you will get answers to: 

  • Understanding what Surcharging is,
  • How Surcharging could benefit your company,
  • Why you don't have to worry about losing customers,
  • Some of the rules and regulation of Surcharging,
  • How SurchX can keep you 100% compliant while increasing your net profit up to 30%*

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The SurchX Surcharging Solution

  • Works With Your Existing eCommerce Cart & Processor
  • Keeps You 100% Compliant With All USA Credit Card Regulations
  • Recovers 100% of Credit Card Processing Fees Allowed By Law
  • Zero Start-Up Costs & No Out-Of-Pocket Expenses!